Lux Rise of the Runelords

Up to now...
Just what are we doing here


The adventure began with Josephus, Gnox, Chandler and Anastasia arriving in Sandpoint for the Swallowtail Festival and dedication of the new temple.


After a brief “misunderstanding” between a local guard and Josephus, the companions began to enjoy the many sights, sounds and games that the festival had to offer. The group was also able to secure lodgings at The Rusty Dragon Inn after meeting the proprietor Ameiko Kaijitsu.

Later in the day Mayor Deverin gave a welcoming speech which was followed by several others. Events took a turn for the worse when Father Zantus walked up on stage to begin the dedication. Just as his speech began, the attack happened.


The heroes jumped into action fighting the goblins and getting the citizens to safety. One citizen, a nobleman from Magnimar, named Aldern Foxglove, was saved after his hunting dog had been killed by a larger goblin riding a goblin dog.


The ensuing days after the group was the toast of the town. Ameiko gave them free room and board for a week and Sheriff Hemlock even sough them out for help on several matters.

Josephus was soon joined by a small gnome named Oliviath Siegamanth, who he curiously called his daughter, though the others are sure that Oliviath is much older than Josephus.

It also became apparent that Aldern Foxglove had become enamored with Chandler and even invited the group on a boar hunt. Chandler politely spurned his advances, but that did not seem to deter the nobleman.

The evening after the boar hunt, the companions were gathered to enjoy the fruits of their hunt when the festivities were interrupted by the entrance of anangry old man to the common room of the Rusty Dragon. The man, later found to be Lonjiku Kaijitsu, the father of Ameiko, had a heated argument with Ameiko. The companions kept to themselves but checked on an obviously upset Ameiko after Lonjiku had departed.

It was soon obvious that another of the group had obtained a “more aggressive” admirer. Gnox found that he was the newest obsession of Shayliss Vinder, who is the daughter of the very protective owner of Sandpoint’s General Store, Ven Vinder.

During all of this the companions found themselves summoned to a meeting with Mayor Deverin, the Sheriff and a ranger named, Shalelu Andosana. The ranger had information about the goblin tribes in the area and was concerned that they were being manipulated into working together (unheard up to now) by some outside agent.

Just as soon as things seemed to be settling back to normal for the small coastal town the adventurers woke early in the morning to find that Ameiko had left during the night and had not returned.

After a short investigation and with the help of Ameiko’s elderly halfling maid, Bethana Corwin, they found that Ameiko had went to the town’s Glassworks, owned by her father to meet her half-brother Tsuto.


When they arrived they saw that the goblins, led by Tsuto had taken over the Glassworks and killed the employees including Lonjiku, however Ameiko was not in sight.

Tsuto remained in the background while the fighting was happening. When she saw her chance, Chandler ran forward to take down Tsuto. Unfortunately the reverse occurred and Tsuto took down Chandler. As Chandler fell Gnox reached the melee only to be brought down by Tsuto as well allowing him to retreat out a door from the room before the others could get to him.

And now you are caught up….


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